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The GA224 Worship Offering Helps Young Innovators Rise Above Job Scarcity in Baltimore

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Who is Youth Rising Coalition?

We are the Youth Rising Coalition; an ambitious group of likeminded 14 to 24 year old entrepreneurs and youth with a firm belief in job creation in Baltimore, Maryland. Our solution is youth entrepreneurship and enterprise, allowing us to create opportunities for ourselves and our families, and be a model for other youth in the city. We are creative and full of hustle: all we need is the support of the community to improve our own lives and the lives of those like us.

 Youth Rising Coalition Priorities

  • Youth Empowering Youth Network – a space for youth to learn from each other, inspire each other, and identify common causes to work for systemic changes.
  • Marketing & Access to Markets –  tools & guidance to market themselves and their brands and  access to new market spaces (brick & mortar and on-line).
  • Financial Support –  start-up capital (grants & loans) for youth get started and to grow their business, financial management skills and greater access to banking and financing.
  • Mentors & Consultants –to be matched with adults who can help youth entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

The Presbytery of Baltimore is a proud partner and sponsor of the Youth Rising Coalition.  Your contribution to Youth Rising will help these youth take concrete steps to achieve their priorities, including funding directly to youth entrepreneurs and youth cooperatives.  A portion of the funding will go to support the continued networking and organizing of the coalition.

Tuesday, June 23rd at 3 p.m. | Live Online Event  –  YRC members and supporters will join the General Assembly of the 224th General Assembly (2020).
All are invited to participate as we gather here in Baltimore and across the country .

June 23 Event Details

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