Yale Divinity School

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Yale University Divinity School is a graduate professional school within a world-class research university, an ecumenical community of faith, with an enduring commitment to foster the knowledge and love of God through scholarly engagement with Christian traditions in a global, multifaith context. We stand between the more strictly academic approach of a department of religion and the more practical, parochial orientation of a seminary. We educate and prepare the scholars, ministers, and leaders of the future. Our faculty are leading scholars in their respective disciplines.

Students from a full spectrum of Christian denominations attend YDS. There has always been a significant community of Presbyterian students preparing for a lifetime of ministry, scholarship, and service to church and world. Many students also take courses across Yale University, and benefit from the cultural and social life of a global community of learning. A full program in vocation and leadership prepares students for ordained and non-ordained service. YDS graduates find themselves very well prepared for the ordination requirements of the PCUSA, and many have gone on to lead churches around the country and around the world.

Join us at YDS, if you are called to a season of learning about faithful leadership within a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, and faith communities, and if you are eager to accept the educational challenges and remarkable opportunities available in such a community of scholarship and of faith.

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