Syria Lebanon Partnership Network

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The Syria Lebanon Partnership Network of the PCUSA (SLPN) brings together Presbyterians from around the United States to facilitate partnerships with churches and church-related ministries in Syria and Lebanon. The network also provides a place for U.S. Presbyterians to share information and coordinate their efforts. Priorities of the network include supporting the capacity of the church in Syria and Lebanon, supporting leadership development and theological education, and working towards God’s just peace in the region.

The SLPN partners with our brothers and sisters in Syria and Lebanon as they strive to live out their witness to Jesus Christ; creates relationships and partnerships between PCUSA congregations, presbyteries and synods, and the churches and institutions of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL); and advocate for PC(USA) and U.S. policies that promote peace, justice, reconciliation, and development in the region. We also raise funds through membership pledges, and gifts from individuals, churches, presbyteries and synods for the work of the SLPN and in support of NESSL relief work and Syrian refugees, both within Lebanon and those remaining in Syria.

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