Presbytery of Philadelphia

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Founded in 1717, The Presbytery of Philadelphia is the oldest Presbyterian corporate entity in the United States and home to some of the oldest Presbyterian churches in our nation. Our story is deeply rooted in both American and Presbyterian history, illustrating faithfulness and courage throughout our 300-year heritage.

The ministry legacy of the Presbytery of Philadelphia transcends brick and mortar. We are a network of disciples eager to abide and dwell together as we build towards God’s future already here and still to come. Our leadership have constructed art studios for children, developed restorative justice initiatives, funded hunger programs, advocated for reconciliation in our communities, discipled children and youth, hosted ESL classes, jump started social enterprises, hosted seminary interns, and birthed new worshipping communities. As we trust God’s Spirit and follow Christ into tomorrow, we do so with the same faithfulness and courage from which we started.

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