National Black Presbyterian Caucus

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The National Black Presbyterian Caucus is an organization concerned about Black Presbyterianism in the Presbyterian Church (USA).   Its vision is to promote church growth and congregational enhancement through a program of shared ministries of Sessions within their local context.   We believe the process of increasing spiritual, programmatic and numerical growth makes for a healthy and viable congregation.   Its national agenda of enhancing congregational life includes an increase or improvement in the quality of the cultural, vocational, political, social, ecumenical, and entrepreneurial relationships of life. 

Membership in the NBPC is open to all who supports its purpose and vision.  Members have the rights of voice, vote and to hold office; the responsibilities of planning and implementing its programs; and the opportunities of participating in all its programs.

The Body of Christ is called to add its voice to a contemporary mission addressing the issues of poverty, loss souls, social injustices, and political divisions. The NBPC is committed to fulfilling this call through a national program of its constituent congregations and ecumenical relationships.

Presently the NBPC have several objectives: to increase the number of active memberships,

become a bureau for goods and services to all our congregations, to coordinate and facilitate the shared ministry gatherings for the membership through the chapters and regions, and to represent the interests of the membership to mid-councils and the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

You can learn more about the NBPC by visiting its website and supporting its mission with your taxable deductible contributions at:

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