Mid Kentucky Presbytery & Presbytery of Scioto Valley

Mid Kentucky Presbytery and Presbytery of Scioto Valley Logos

A warm welcome from Scioto Valley and Mid-Kentucky presbyteries, who join together to say, “Be bold. Be faithful. Be blessed. Be the Church.”

Practicing Presbyterian connectionalism, Scioto Valley Presbytery—original host presbytery for GA225 in Columbus, Ohio—and Mid-Kentucky Presbytery—actual host presbytery for the in-person portions of GA225 in Louisville, Kentucky—extend shared greetings, heartfelt prayers, and sponsorship of today’s plenaries.

No matter which side of the Ohio River you may find yourself on this day, or whatever Christian witness you may be called to bear, know that Presbyterian friends in central and southern Ohio and mid-Kentucky embrace you across the miles with love and encouragement.

Mid-Kentucky Presbytery – https://www.midkentuckypresbytery.com/
Presbytery of Scioto Valley – https://psvonline.org/

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