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Born on April 7, 1867, Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary is celebrating its 155th anniversary! Having gone 100% digital in 2014, JCSTS today is a tech-savvy, finger-on-the-pulse, justice-oriented, competency-based institution.

JCSTS is one of the 12 theological seminaries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the only one that is historically African American. Proud of its African American heritage, JCSTS today serves a diverse audience of persons from various racial-ethnic identities, orientations, and nationalities. The seminary’s target audience is comprised of those who are:

  • disenchanted with pop theology, prosperity gospel, and worship cliches seeking to ground their faith in the liberative traditions of the historic Black Church.
  • serving the church in an ordained or non-ordained role and needing an educational foundation to help them further their ministries in today’s challenging cultural environment.
  • desirous of an educational experience that will help them exercise their faith in the public sphere.
  • engaged in justice work (community organizing, advocacy, justice reform, and wanting to deepen their understanding of the intersection of justice and faith.
  • small groups (e.g., Sunday School classes) wanting to study a justice-related subject together.
  • so pleased with their first programmatic experience at JCSTS they came back for more!

The mission of Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary is to advance communities of faith, justice, and compassion through innovation in theological education.

We invite you to mark this season with us!  Get in where you fit in at!

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