GA223 Opening Worship Offering

Opening Worship Offering at GA223 to offer bail relief in St. Louis

Unaffordable cash bail is one of the largest drivers of the mass incarceration epidemic in the U.S. Over the last 15 years, increases in pretrial detention accounted for 99% of all jail growth.

Money shouldn’t buy justice, however the way the system of cash bail currently works in this country, low-income people and people of color disproportionately remain in jail while the wealthy buy their liberty.   Recently the term “debtor’s prison” has come back into use as we have returned to the practice of imprisoning poor persons for non-payment of fines or fees and those who cannot afford cash bail. This vicious cycle of arrest and incarceration results in mounting fines, job loss, lost custody of children, incarceration of the innocent and costly fees.

Working with local networks in St. Louis, the Arch City Defenders and the Bail Project, the offering will purchase freedom for people held under bench warrants and minor offenses as they await trial.  It gets them back to their jobs, to their families and to their communities.

Every church and Presbyterian can participate in this offering and make a real difference in the lives of the most marginalized. 

Participate in the Offering Anytime!